Promotional Illustration

No matter what your vision is, we can bring it to life. At Be Chap Beats we provide you with a designer who works directly with you, to give you exactly what you want. These illustrations are just some of the projects we have had the pleasure of working on, with our clients. If you would like to speak with a designer who can be upfront, and knowledgeable in planning your next project, contact us today to start planning your next promotional project.

Album Covers

Your album is your image to the world. Everyone has a vision. Everyone has a message. Our designers will work with you to achieve not only a professional look to your album, but also provide you with a look that is all you. From rap, to even metal, to even acoustic albums from the heart, we cover it all. If you are interested in sharing your idea with us, a designer can offer you a free consultation to plan your next album release.


Ever wanted to see yourself in a comic? That can happen. At Be Chap Beats we have a comic book artist who can take you, and put you into your very own comic. If you are interested in promoting yourself, your music, or your business as comic, we offer you a comic artist who will work directly with you to bring your story to life. Your personality, your image, all can be seen in the form of your very own promotional comic. Contact us to speak with our comic artist to discuss your idea for a custom promotional comic.