micro2Voice Tags

High quality voice tags for anything such as producers, artists, and companies etc. to add to their projects, CDs, webpages or anything to get their name known. Voice tags will be sent back dry & with EFX.

Beat Arrangements


Have you made your beat and want it to be a full song? Such as an intro verse hook bridge etc. we can help. No matter what program you used just make sure it has all the loops or tracks you used. Please make sure they are

  • .wav files,
  •  Labeled Tracks
  •  Tempo,
  •  The sample rate and Bit depth you used.(Example: 24bit_48Khz)


Brand Identity

  • Are you just starting out? Need a logo that defines you? Do you need to re-brand yourself? Be Chap Beats offers a one stop solution from a custom logo, album covers, promotion for events, right down to business cards, and websites. We pride ourselves on not just promoting you, but creating an identity unique to who you are. Our designers work with not only with you, but bring your vision to life, to create an image that is totally you. Whatever you need to get your name out there, our designers are ready to work for you. Our most requested services include:
  • Business cards
  • Custom logos
  • Event posters
  • Event postcards
  • Website design
  • Promotional Comics

No matter what you need, Be Chap Beats designers will help you along the way of your career. Because your success, is our success.